How to Choose Event Caterers

How to Choose Event Caterers

Choosing the right caterer can make a huge difference to the success of your party food. The food & service that your event caterers provides should reflect your personality, your lifestyle, your thinking.

Whatever the party, a wedding, a corporate event, a family gathering or a simple sandwich platter, you are presenting your guests with the very best you can provide and your caterer needs to understand this.

Request a quote

You will obviously need to budget for your event and you need firstly to determine that a caterer can operate within this budget. Make sure that you know what is included/ excluded in the quote.  The following items may or may not be included: VAT, service, linens, cutlery, crockery & glassware, delivery, menu printing.

If the quote you receive is outside your budget, talk to your caterer. There are generally ways to trim costs and a flexible caterer should be able to work with you.


You do not want to worry that your catering company will let you down. You need to trust your caterer from day one. If a caterer is slow to respond to initial enquiries, this could indicate that they are not reliable. Always check references


A good caterer will plan a menu that suits you whether you require party catering, wedding catering or event canapes. While a caterer will have menus, there should be room to tailor it you your specific needs.

Quality of Ingredients

Some caterers cut corners in food preparation by using frozen products. Fresh is always best. Ask your caterer about their methods and suppliers. Local suppliers are an indication of quality.


Check at least 3 references. Make sure that the referees have the same requirements as you. There is no point in talking to a client who hosted a small family occasion if you are hosting large Gala dinner.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. While the food you receive at a tasting may not be the exact same as the food you receive on your event day, a tasting will give a clear indication of an event caterers style.

Staff & Supervision

Ask about staffing levels and the management on the day. Enquire about the staff uniform.  Find out your point of contact. Ensure that you like this person and feel confident with him/her managing your event.

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